Monday, April 10, 2006

911-5 Investigation & Simulation Photos

This plane did this amount of damage in an aborted take-off, not one that was still flying at over 400 mph

Look at the damage that the wings did as the plane hit the tower with the same force as the one that supposedly hit the Pentagon

Note the size and the height of a 757 at ground level and compare it to the damage made to the upper floors

Note that there is little damage to the upper floors and that the cable spools from the recent reno are basically untouched because there is no plane wreckage

This photo shows the trajectory of the object and the insert photo shows the exit hole.

Note: There is no namage to the "pitched" top part of the pentagon roof

There is no damage(explosion or fire)to the inner square

Wings should have damaged the Pentagon and left wreckage
Note: cable spools in other photos, not move, damaged or burned

Flight path of plane or "object"


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