Monday, April 10, 2006

911-7 Cover-Up "Smoke & Mirrors"

Hi everyone,

I originally started this 911 Cover-up (Smoke & Mirrors) blog on Saysame (My Blog) . I wanted to expand the topic so I decided to make this Data & Photo Blog. I downloaded numerous pictures from various sites on the web and in my haste and excitement I forgot to identify the websites that I got them from. So to all those that took the pictures and posted them I want to say thank you.

Another thing that I did in my haste and ignorance was that I downloaded the pictures to this site in the order that I wanted to present them but I didn't realize that they would be published in the reverse order. So if you want to see them the way I had them organized, start from the bottom and work your way to the top.

The bottom part of this post is a basically the same as my original post on the topic of the Great American ***911*** Cover-Up so that you don't have to link to it.

The following is similar to my original post on the other Blog:

Hi Everyone,

I've known about the 911 cover-up since I first saw it unfold on TV and saw the first and only videos from the Pentagon. The truth is far more unbelievable that the denials presented as truth. I've discussed it with several people who are all over the place as to what really happened. I've never really tried to find any web info on it as I've never had the opportunity or desire at the time, but last night I stumbled on a site and WOW, the pictures speak volumes. You have to see it.

For those that are interested, the link is at ThePowerHour and although it's called The Power Hour and has nothing to do with the religion and the The Hour of Power or something like that.

One thing that I have to mention here is that when you look at the videos and pictures of the Pentagon that were supposedly hit by a 757 commercial jet, this site implies that there was the possibility of a missile being involved. I suggest you go one step further, to the possibility of a damaged UFO crashing into the pentagon and all that that implies??

How the UFO was damaged has to do with the third plane that supposedly went down in a field in Penn. by the way with little or no wreckage, bodies or baggage, just a crater that marks the spot and burnt trees. How and by what means were they damaged, Starwars technology maybe? But why would "they" (the US Government & Military) shoot down a commercial Jet? Were the hijackers overpowered, and if so, what would that mean? If, as others believe, it was a missile that hit the Pentagon, then why did it not explode (That's what missiles do) and why did the Government lie and say it was a plane? Why would a UFO be going to the Pentagon? And Hey! If a UFO or missile did crash into the Pentagon, then where is the fourth plane, the one that supposedly crashed into the Pentagon. Humm??? Got you thinking now...

"Food for thought"

PS: I guess the US government and US military will be checking out my site more often than usual now that I'm speaking the unspeakable. BUT HEY, Bush! Isn't that what free speech and the democracy that you're supporting all about? Or is that a lie too?


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